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Superfast Internet Connectivity

Fixed Wireless
Leased Line
Dedicated Fibre

Internet Tailored for You

Fixed Wireless

Remote Connections

We use wireless technology to deliver high-speed internet directly to you, with no need for digging up your property to lay cables. Perfect for hard to reach locations which lack superfast fixed-line infrastructure.

High-Speed Internet

Experience superfast Download and Upload speeds up to 100 Mbps with no data caps as standard. Easily providing enough bandwidth for small businesses and heavy residential users.

Fast Setup

Get connected and set-up on our network in days, not weeks like other providers. Once we have a point of presence in your area, it's as simple as setting up a small wireless receiver at your property.

Local Support

We're locally-based and own our entire network, meaning you will speak with us directly, not a call centre. We'll typically have an engineer come out to visit you within 24 hours if there are any connection issues.
Leased Line

Uncontended Connection

With a leased line it's all yours, there's no-one else on your connection. Meaning you'll experience the same speeds at all times of the day, no matter what.

Hello Gigafast

Receive connections from 10 Mbps to all the way up to 10 Gbps directly to your property. Allowing you to decide the speed of your connection, not your ISP.

Symmetrical Connections

Our leased lines receive symmetrical connections ensuring that you receive the same speed both ways whether you're downloading a lot or uploading to the cloud.

Mission Critical SLA's

Choose between different Service Level Agreement options, so in case the unexpected should happen you can be guaranteed back up and running within hours.

Upgrade Your Connection to Superfast Speeds