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Offline Archiving

Long-Term Data Archiving

A Cost-Effective & Secure Archiving Solution


Unlike other storage solutions, our offline archiving is billed per physical drive/tape. Providing highly cost-efficient storage options.

Safe & Secure

We utilise strict access control systems to keep your data safe. This includes biometric scanners, 24/7 CCTV and access control systems.

Fire & Flood Resistant

All drives/tapes are stored in our commercial-grade data safes. These are rated for 2-hour fire protection and shield against water and static electricity.

Available When Needed

Flexible recovery options allow you to choose how to recover when needed. Data can be physically delivered or ingested onto our cloud, available for download.
Long Term Storage
Offline archiving also known as 'cold storage' is a cost-effective way to store your valuable and irreplaceable data for the long-term. This method of storage works perfectly for when a project is complete and the data no longer needs to be accessed frequently. At Duplia, we offer offline archiving as a service, assisting with the duplication of the data onto hard drives or LTO, as well as providing the correct environment for reliable long-term storage.

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